Government Resources

  • CIA World Factbook - Need to know facts about a country such as the population, economy, government, geography, and climate? This is the website to go to first.
  • First Amendment Center - Learn about current issues involving the First Amendment, the history of the First Amendment, and analysis / commentary.
  • This Nation - Current political events and links as well as the full text of historical documents, pictures of all the US presidents, and much more.
  • Congressional Medal of Honor Society - The full citations for those receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor from the Civil War to Somalia. This site also includes a history of the medal.
  • Presidential Timeline - An interactive timeline exploring the lives and administrations of twelve presidents, from the Great Depression, to the dawn of the 21st century. Examine issues and events in detail and search hundreds of presidential records.
  • Presidents of the United States - Biographical information, presidential and academic library links, genealogy of the presidents' families, nicknames, and much more.
  • The White House - Explore the history of the White House, Vice-President's residence, Oval Office, and Camp David, as well as biographies of the all the Presidents, and First Ladies.