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Norwalk Public Library
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Norwalk, CT 06850
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South Norwalk Branch
10 Washington St.
Norwalk, CT 06854
Inventory of History Room Map Cases

Various maps arranged by date (early maps depicting areas outside the local region are reproductions of originals held by other institutions):
  • Detail of Adriaen Block’s figurative map of New York and Connecticut Coast, c. 1614
  • Map of Central American Islands and Gulf of Mexico, 1658
  • Map of New England and Nova Scotia, 1660
  • Map of borders of Massachusetts Colony, includes Coastal Connecticut, 1665
  • Reproduced map of New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, 1685
  • Franquelin Map of Long Island Sound and Norwalk Islands, 1693
  • Map of Coastal Connecticut with harbor descriptions, 18th century
  • Map of New York and Connecticut Coastline, c. 1717
  • Plan of the Colony of Connecticut, Moses Park, 1766
  • Map of New England, includes detail of Boston Harbor, c. 1774
  • Map of Coastal Connecticut, Fairfield - Stratford, 1775 - 1782
  • Map of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Quebec, c. 1776
  • Map of Connecticut by T.G. Bradford, 1838
  • Map of Norwalk - The Principal Parts, 1847
  • Map of the town of Norwalk, Fairfield County, Richard Clark, 1851
  • Map of Norwalk from survey by George Stevens, 1858
  • Atlas of New York and vicinity, Beers, Ellis, and Soule, 1867
  • Map of Norwalk, includes Winnipauk Directory, 1867
  • Plan of Norwalk and South Norwalk, 1867
  • Map of South Norwalk and Norwalk, Vogt, C. H., 1875 (wall map)
  • Map of the City of South Norwalk, Hyde, E. B., 1876 (wall map)
  • Atlas of Connecticut, 1893
  • Sanborn Maps, 1925 - 1926, revised 1958 (bound in books)
  • Aerial photo survey map of Norwalk, Maxwell, Hamilton, 1929
  • Map of Merritt Parkway - WPA Exhibit, c. 1930
  • Atlas of Fairfield County, 1931; 1942
  • Maps of Fairfield County, 1936
  • Aerial photo of South Norwalk and Harbor, c. 1940
  • Maps of Norwalk, including street names, (various editions, in city directories) Price & Lee, early to mid-20th century