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Norwalk Public Library
1 Belden Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06850
Fax: 203-866-7982
South Norwalk Branch
10 Washington St.
Norwalk, CT 06854
Several volumes of compiled Norwalk vital records and cemetery inscriptions are located in the History Room reference collection. Catalog links to these titles are as follows:

Norwalk vital records on microfilm; 4 reels, 1848-ca. 1900

The Norwalk vital records on these films were reproduced from the originals at the Town Clerk’s Office at Norwalk City Hall. The microfilm is available to view at the Main Library reference desk.
Print indexes for the portions of the volumes which do not include indexing are placed near the microfilm cabinets
(R 929.3746 IND). The links below are to digitized versions of the following indexes:

Check the library catalog for published family genealogies in the History Room reference collection. These include:

  • Abbott; Allen, Craft, St. John, Betts; Arnold, Redway & Earle
  • Benedict; Betts, Bouton, Boughton & Farnham
  • Comstock
  • DeLong
  • Ely
  • Fillow; Fuller
  • Gay; Gregory; Guild, Guile
  • Hale, House; Hanford; Hertz; Hoyt, Haight & Hight; Hubbell, Hubble, Hubbel
  • Keeler
  • Lockwood
  • Marvin; Mather
  • Nash, Neslines
  • Patrick, Partrick
  • Raymond; Reed, Read, Ressegueie
  • Scribner; Selleck & Peck; Seymour; St. John & Harries; Stevens
  • Thacher; Tolles, Trowbridge
  • Whitney

Many of the above titles published before 1923 can also be found for free, scanned and searchable online at, among other sources.

Genealogy Research Files

Omissions in Hall’s Norwalk

Omissions in Hall’s Ancient Records of Norwalk, extracted previous to 1880 (alphabetical)

Omissions in Hall's Ancient Records of Norwalk (indexed)

St. Paul’s-on-the-Green, Norwalk: Comparison of several transcriptions of cemetery headstones

St. Paul's transcriptions table