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Supplier Diversity Workshop

  1. What you need to participate:
    GO TO: to create login before the workshop.


    Scanned digital copies of:
    Certificate of Organization from secretary of state
    Passport or long form birth certificate 
    Fiscal Year Tax Return ( 2018 )

  2. Supplier Diversity Workshop
    Tuesday | July 23, 2019 | 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    Representatives of the State of Connecticut’s Department of Administrative Services will be on hand to help you apply for certification as a small or minority owned business!
    Requirements for Participation
    The Department of Administrative Services is proud of making the transition to become a paperless organization. For that reason and for your own security, it is required that all documentation for your certification be scanned and uploaded onto a flash drive or attached to your email ahead of time, please be prepared with your email, or bring the flash-drive to the certification workshop.
    Benefits of the Certification
    Your business will be eligible for the Set-Aside access to certain government contracts: This is a huge benefit of the certification. State Statute mandates a percentage of the agency/municipal available budget be set aside for certified Connecticut Small/Minority Business Enterprises.

    Your business will have increased contracting opportunities: Corporate and private contracting opportunities may open for your business. For example, some Request for Proposals (RFP’s) have additional weighted values if your company is certified.

    Gain networking opportunities: Your business will be informed and invited to many statewide events, allowing you the opportunity to further market your business and meet potential customers.

    Gain a marketing opportunity: Displaying your certification in your marketing material may provide opportunities for your business. This identifies that your company is certified in your home state.

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