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SoNo Branch Library
SoNo DIG Chess Team

  1. SoNo DIG Chess Team
    Wednesday | 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM | AGES 6 - 18
    Join the SoNo DIG Chess Team at the SoNo Branch Library!
    During this free chess club for youth, participants will be grouped by ability. The club is a partnership between the Norwalk Public Library's SoNo Branch and Team DIG USA. You participants have ranged from ages 5 to 16 and we have already had two elementary school students win local competitions with other chess clubs.
    Team DIG USA's founder and Wilton Native, Dan Pelletier, is a renowned chess and soccer player. This year one of his chess students was rated 833 and placed third in the U1200 division at the Bradley Open (Hartford, CT). He was featured in Connecticut Chess Magazine and called "Connecticut's Rising Chess Star". He went on to further compete and is now rated 1220.

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