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Norwalk Public Library
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Fizz-Boom-Read Thursdays

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  2. Kazan.png

    Some people know science is fun. Others need to be convinced! Watch as Scott Kazan the Balloon Man performs How to Catch a Mouse by combining math, science and art. Balloons are used to construct a Rube Goldberg-style mousetrap intended to solve the problem of a mouse on the loose. Student volunteers are used to aid in the construction of this working machine. Student knowledge of how machines work and their eagerness to set their trap in motion make this an enjoyable show for everyone involved.

  3. mathblast.png

    Join Marvelous Marvin as he explores MATH at the South Norwalk Branch Library. Using his signature rhyming text, excellent visuals, circus arts skills and magic tricks, Marvin has created a fun, participatory performance that explores the basics of math from sorting to circles, from adding to triangles. Written with assistance from Amy Watson, math specialist from the East Providence School Department, Marvin anchors the show in current curriculum based learning.

  4. amazballoon.png

    Children of all ages are invited to watch Angel the Balloon Man use his balloon powers to bring a story to life with magic, balloons, and interactive games. Prepare to watch as Angel attempts to put his whole body into a giant balloon!

  5. sciteller.jpg

    Learn about the science of fire and ice through the tale of "Dragons & Dreams" with Sciencetellers! Wouldn't dragon's breath be an amazing sight to see?! Well, get ready to see it ... feel it ... smell it ... maybe even taste it! This story features interactive science experiments with dry ice, flash paper, exploding bottles and more.

  6. dibble.png

    A dibble of yellow, a dabble of blue – put them together and look at what’s new! Using a variety of media, the Children’s museum will help children mix and match, create tints and shades as they become color magicians. At hands-on science stations, the children will enjoy experimenting with color, using a variety of objects. This program will accept up to 20 participants.

  7. yoyo.jpg

    Eric Girardi, a world ranked yo-yo player, will bend gravity as he juggles and manipulates yo-yos, tops, and diabolos. Join the fun and bend a little. Gravity, that is!

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